Value Investing Practitioner for Maximizing the Long-term Interests of Holders
At Foresight Fund, we stand for value investing, research oriented and long-term investment, have a well-known investment team, and have established a leading industry expert research team.
Investment Team with Rich Experience
Accordance to Value Investing and Long-term Investment
  • CHEN/GuangMing
    General Manager of Foresight Fund, Master’s degree of Shanghai Jiaotong University, previous positions including Chairman of Orient Securities Asset Management Company Limited. Has 20 years of experience in securities industry since 1999.
  • FU/PengBo
    Vice GM of Foresight Fund, Master’s degree of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, previous positions including Vice GM of Aegon-Industrial Fund Management Company. Has 26 years of experience in securities industry since 1992.
  • HUANG/Zhen

    Head of Fixed Income of Foresight Fund, Master’s degree, previous positions including Head of Asset Management of Bank of Shanghai. Has 14 years of experience in fixed-income investment since 2004.

Accordance to Value Investing Concept
Equity Investment
Adhering to the concept of long-term value investing, we buy the company’s securities at a reasonable price based on the comprehensive study. Make long-term investment from the collected elite companies, focus on safety margins and pursue the asset value-addad.
Fix-Income Investment
Through comprehensive and in-depth macro-level research, strategic research and credit risk research, we seize the macro, interest rate and market trends, strictly manage the credit risks, continue to explore market opportunities, and strive for stable excess returns.
A Leading Industry Expert Research Team
At Foresight Fund, we are guided by the basic and forward-looking research, adopted the combination of industries experience and secondary market, and establish a unique industry expert research team to provide strong support for the support team. Our research team covers key industries and listed companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen and HongKong, and is based on long-term stock fundamental research while commited to explore long-term investment value.
  • Experienced Core Researchers
  • Good Research Talent Team
  • Concentrated on Research in Each Field
  • Consumption
  • Medicine
  • TMT
  • Cycle
  • Financial/real estate
  • Advanced manufacture